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Outlook Plugin log shows "The server committed a protocol violation"

Question asked by Kedar Gawande on Jul 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by Kiwi.ki_Berlin Kiwi.ki_Berlin
We've installed and configured the Sugar Outlook plugin and have connected it to one of our hosted Sugar 7.5 instances.

When the plugin attempts to sync with Sugar, the local Outlook log shows the following error :
The server committed a protocol violation

The full log sequence is :

2015-07-22 17:36:16,750 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - Starting Plugin: 7/22/2015 5:36:16 PM2015-07-22 17:36:16,771 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - Outlook Version:
2015-07-22 17:36:16,772 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - Outlook Name: Outlook
2015-07-22 17:36:16,772 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - SugarOutlook Version:
2015-07-22 17:36:16,773 [VSTA_Main] INFO  SugarOutlook.OutlookReferences [(null)] - Is trial version: False
2015-07-22 17:36:58,181 [7] INFO  SugarOutlook.SugarServiceController [(null)] - Sugar version : (PRO)
2015-07-22 17:36:58,185 [7] INFO  Sugar.API.REST.SugarServiceHandler [(null)] - Connection error. Error code: '0'. Error message: 'The server committed a protocol violation. Section=ResponseStatusLine'. Retrying #1

Any ideas whats wrong ?

Also, I m looking to dig into Sugar and find where / which code / files does the Outlook PLugin communicate with.
I need to understand/find what data is received by Sugar when Outlook plugin talks to Sugar specifically for Emails & Calendar Archiving/Syncing.

Any help appreciated!

Kedar Gawande,
Loaded Technologies,
(Sugar Platinum Partner)