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What is the best event to look for when wanting to add custom javascript that will run after a quick create/edit form is displayed?

Question asked by Amy Cox on Jul 21, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 22, 2015 by banti banti
I have successfully added email types to the Contacts module, the check mark boxes are added to the Detail and Edit View when the onload event is triggered. This new functionality has been successfully running on production for a few weeks. 

While testing the code no one created a Contact using the quick create/edit from another module(ex. Accounts). Now it has been brought to my attention the email types should be added to these forms as well. What is the BEST event to trigger my custom code to run when a quick create/edit form is displayed.

First the person clicks 'Create' or 'Edit' then quick create form is displayed, what event happens after that so that I can instruct my code to run when that event happens.