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Variable self is becoming undefined after closing drawer

Question asked by Shijin Krishna on Jul 21, 2015
Hi All,

I have one custom function which I have written in JSGrouping extension.I am calling the function in record view and its working fine.The function definition uses  certain property of the variable which am accessing using self.'propertyname.'

Now I have a custom rowaction button on click of which system will open create view of another module in drawer.Now the problem is after closing the drawer on click of cancel button, the custom function written in JSGrouping is not working.Basically the variable self is becoming null.

I tried rendering the view again when drawer close by putting self.render() in drawer callback function.But its giving me self.render() undifined.

I have managed by adding app.router.refresh() in drawer call back function.Is there any other way to overcome this issue?

Thanks in advance.