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assigned_user_id in search_by_module

Question asked by dan.trainor dan.trainor on Jul 20, 2015
I'm playing around with some API calls that use search_by_module.  According to the documentation:

assigned_user_id, if left blank, won't apply any filters.

However, when I either omit this or leave the value blank, I don't see expected results.  The return value is a object that has a 'name' of my custom module name, and an empty 'records' entry that is of type Array.  I expect to see the list of records associated with my custom module built with Module Builder.

I have data in this module.  I know data is there.

When looking at sugarcrm.log, however, I see:

 .... .... AND  modle.assigned_user_id ='Array'  ... ... 

I feel as if I'm not specifying a non-specific search_by_modules parameter.  What is causing this search to literally search for 'Array'?

SugarCRM CE 6.5.21, just doing some exploratory tests with the API.  I'm still kind of new to it.