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How to make a report that take action if a customer is over its "normal order buying time period "

Question asked by anders daugaard on Jul 20, 2015
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We are really new to Sugar CRM.Just beginning to start to make reports - so be aware that we are a little unexperienced yet :)
How woul a flow be if we want to generate a report that we can trigger a specific email in ACT ON software.
The report should look at our Sugar that is implemented with our economy system called C5 - so we know all orders / customer orders history etc.
And for example filter out if a person is over their normal buying time - indicating that they may be lost. Lets say that they bough 3 times - since we sell dogwood, the delay between each buying is pretty much the same normally. The filter should look at that historic buying data, and make a time before next buy. If that is overrun it should be included in the report and automaticlly send an email out to the customer with a win back email strategy.
Im also very interested in hearing from freelance suger experts that could guide us on this and comming up issues in the future - since I dont think there is a Suger customer team that I just can mail these issues to right ?