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Fatal error: Class 'iFrame' not found in /include/MVC/View/SugarView.php on line 489 after upgrading from 5.2.0 to 5.5.1

Question asked by Nicole Smith on Jul 17, 2015
I'm working on upgrading from 4.5.0, and I've hit a road block after upgrading from 5.2 to 5.5.1. I get the message:

Fatal error:  Class 'iFrame' not found in /include/MVC/View/SugarView.php on line 489

Line 489 reads:

if(!should_hide_iframes()) {
                    $iFrame = new iFrame();
                    $frames = $iFrame->lookup_frames('tab');
                    foreach($frames as $key => $values){
                        if ( $i < $max_tabs )
                            $moduleTopMenu[$key] = $values;
                            $moduleExtraMenu[$key] = $values;

Any ideas of how to resolve this error?