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Why I cannot do an OAuth on the Sugar CRM 6.5

Question asked by Naren Yellavula on Jul 17, 2015
Hello guys, I am a integrations developer. I am dealing with SugarCRM from few days. I have a query for you. I am trying to make calls to SugarCRM 6.5 REST API. On the web,  i found 95% of articles are with the basic authentication i.e login through username & password . But I want OAuth access to the resources of SugarCRM. The Documentation for that is pretty cheap. I tried this tutorial .

I followed everything as it is. I got the final OAuth_access_token and secret. I know OAtuh flow. When I launch URL for accesing resources ,I returned with null. Why there is no good REST API for SugarCRM. Can anybody tell me , how to use OAuth to get resources. I am using python. I use requests_oauth library to complete oauth flow and it is working perfect. My question is what is the URL endpoint to fetch resources and what are parameters we need to send along with request to get JSON