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Controller action does not return detail view subpanels

Question asked by jlabuelo on Jul 17, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by hats
Hi there

I have added a custom button to a custom module in the Detail View, where the action is managed by the custom/modules/CustomModule/controller.php.

 Action works fine, however at the end of the action function in the controller I have this line to make sugarcrm to return me the Detail View


However this only returns (SugarcRM CE 6.5) the Detail View of the custom module, but not all of the subpanels in the view.... to get them I need to go go to the Menu item again and perform a search by the record.

What code do I have to introduce in the controller so once the action is finished sugar returns to the Detail View showing also the subpanles of the related modules??

Thanks a lot!!