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Targets are opted out automatically (and randomly) when campaign sent

Question asked by Linda T on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 17, 2015 by Linda T
We are using 6.2 CE and have discovered a problem with campaigns.
Targets are being opted out without manually clicking on the opt out link when  a campaign email or newsletter is sent, and we are trying to determine what is  causing the problem. I set up a test target list, with employees only, to  receive an email campaign. When the email was sent as a test, two of the five  email addresses were opted out instantly. Please see image below from the target's log:
The email was sent and the target opted out at the same time, without the target even viewing the campaign email. We are concerned this is occurring when actual email campaigns are sent to accounts and contacts. Can anyone help in determining what is happening here, or where to work in the code to resolve the issue?