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Display different leads from different campaigns

Question asked by Robin Bakir on Jul 13, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by Robin Bakir
Hi there,

I have the Sugar community edition and my problem is that I have two campaigns ("normal" leads and b2b-leads). Now, what actually really quiet good works, is the display of the normal leads, which fields I configured in the standard-folder "leads". So I have set up the fields and it works! But, now I have a second campaign, which collects Data from another webToLead form - so if those leads send their data to my crm, sugar shows me a new lead under the categorie "lead", but I have set up other field names, so my sugar shows me a new lead, but empty fields...

So, I have changed some in my menue-stucture, I have "Leads" and B2B-Partner - HOW can I dispay all fields in "B2B-partner" which derive from the campaign "b2b-lead" ?

I hope you understand my problem ... again: I want to split those leads, the menue "Leads" should show all classic leads, the menue "b2b-leads" should show all b2b-leads which contains complete other fields...

Best regards and thanks a lot!

Robin B.