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Process Author: Getting some issues while automate the business processes and have some question regarding.

Question asked by Mubashar Ali on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2015 by 6764049
Hello everyone,

I'm trying to make business flow automate using Process Author in Ent 7.6. Business flow is very simple, I just notify Assigned/Manager and change the "Assigned to" on record, if my following condition meets.


1.       Case Status=New
2.       Priority=High
3.       Date Created > 1 day, 5 day etc

Send a simple email alert to Assigned User saying “A new case needs your attention.”

and have some others processes like this. 

I'm getting some difficulties during execution of the flow and have some questions as described below:

1. When I added my condition (Date Created > 1 day) using Business Flow module, On Cases module, when I save record,  I see 500 Internal server error in console and record doesn't save. When I remove that condition (Date Created > 1 day) from Business flow It works good. I tried all Operators (>, < , =>, <=) but same error on record saving. 

2. I didn't see any way to assign record to Manager (Report to) user of Current Assigned user.

3. I'm trying to implement multi-level Approval/Rejection of record from users e.g Assigned To -> Manager -> Any Dept user -> Owner etc. I just implemented 2nd level and found that on first level approval both users (Assigned to and Manager) can see the record in their Processes Dashboard and can approve/Reject the record. Why it is happening. At first level only Assigned to user must allow to approve/reject the record for further processing and then Manager and so on. 

4. What is the difference b/w Criteria given in Target Module and criteria given in Business Flow record which we use it Action component in design phase of Proces Defination.

5. Is there any way to update the related module reocrd/field in Process Author. Like I want to make Assigned to as "In Active" if condition successfully executed.

6. I cannot see any Role base thing in Process Author design phase. Like if one user has no access of module/fields he still can see those module and fields and use them in your Process. 

Any help, suggestion and idea on Process Author would be appreciated.

Mubashar Ali.