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iCal to Google Calendar Refresh Problem

Question asked by wayne dring on Jul 9, 2015
Hi all,

I've been having Google Calendar refresh issues where events (i.e call, appointments, tasks records etc) do not appear in my synced Google Calendar until many hours later.

Here's Google Apps Support's reply...


Thanks for your message. I understand you want to either change the refresh rate of calendar feeds to Google Calendar or force immediate changes.

As stated in the following Support CRM article, Google Calendar does not currently offer either a user-configured auto-refresh interval or a manual refresh option. Even though the Google Calendar interface has a refresh icon, this button does not update subscribed feeds in Google Calendar, only your local Google Calendar. Currently, subscribed calendars may take up to 8 hours to be updated in Google Calendar.

A share of our users have stated that they would need this option available and engineer's are working on this direction. However, there's no estimated time of arrival for this option at this moment. You can track down the development of the different features at


I hope this tidbit offers greater insight to those also frustrated by this issue.