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Community Edition Version 6.5.21 (Build 1155) LDAP problem

Question asked by Boraxx Boraxx on Jul 9, 2015
I recently upgraded from the previous version to the Community Edition Version 6.5.21 (Build 1155)

Before the upgrade my LDAP bind worked perfectly fine.

Now I'm getting "Operations Error" which obviously means something is wrong ;)

My FW is open for SugarCRM server to my Active Directory on port 389

Lastly, I would prefer to keep all traffic encrypted within my network.
So would prefer LDAPS to connect from SugarCRM to my Active Directory.
Is there any way to upload the appropriate parent certificate that was used to issue the LDAPS certificate in order to enable LDAPS? I know port 636 can be used, but Im assuming SugarCRM needs some way to verify that the used SSL certificate is indeed what can be expected