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Configure and install SugarCRM CE 6.5.20 through CLI with no DB wipe and load balancing

Question asked by Jeffrey McNally-Dawes on Jul 8, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2015 by dshackith
I would like to be able to install SugarCRM CE on a machine with a set of configuration values and skip the web UI install wizard completely. Is this possible or is it a requirement of the program? This is necessary for my setup as I would like to bring up multiple SugarCRM CE web servers based on the current load of the system dynamically in a load balanced setup.

Another question is whether or not it is possible to install SugarCRM CE on an already existing SugarCRM CE MySQL database for load balanced setups. I would like to be able to autoscale SugarCRM CE by creating new virtual machines (VMs) and point them to an existing database to be shared with other instances. I've noticed that, through the install wizard UI, if you point the server to a database that already contains the same name it will drop the tables before continuing with the installation.

With this load balanced setup comes the question of whether or not I can keep session persistent across SugarCRM CE instances. For example:
assume I have a the following VMs to work with:
-, MySQL
-, SugarCRM CE
-, SugarCRM CE
- <some-public-ip>, Load balancer

Say I go through the public IP of the load balancer. If I'm directed to but my next button click sends me to, how do I keep the logged in session persisting across the next server?

In summary:
1. How can I preconfigure and install SugarCRM CE to skip the install wizard UI and go straight to the dashboard login page?
2. How can I bring up multiple servers pointing to the same database server without having to clean/wipe the existing database info?
3. How can I keep sessions consistent if a load balancer directs the user to different SugarCRM CE servers?