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Configure user email SMTP account with office 365

Question asked by Asaf Army on Jul 8, 2015
i have a problem configuring an SMTP Email account in the Email module. when the email account passes the test, in the "email settings" screen, it fails in the individualt smtp , email account configurations in the Email module.

the "From Address" is the only cause that causes this problem. the office 365 demands that the "from address" of the SMTP account will be same as the username.
so the smtp account works, when i test it in the "Email Settings" email test because there,  i have the option to insert the "From address" , but it is not working in the Email module SMTP configuration screen, when i try to configure an smtp for a specific user, because there, i dont have the "From address" field to insert value in it:

With "from address" so it works:

No "From Address" field so it fails on "SMTP Error: Data not accepted":

1. can i configure an email in the email module with a "from address" field?
2. can i configure the office365 to ignore the "from address" field?

using Sugarcrm CE 6.5.13