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Database dump not including the users?

Question asked by John John on Jul 7, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by Alan Beam
Hi Folks,
I am moving a sugarcrm CE instance from one server to another using the "How to "in the knowledge-base. However when I import the database into the target server I find that I have no users except for the admin.  There are 11 users in the source but only the admin in the target.

Now it is worth noting that the source is 6.2.0 and the target is 6.5.21. I'm using MySql 5.6.25 in the target
The only change I made in the target after the move was to change the config>info to 6.5.21 so that CRM would open it, which it did admirably.

I thought that as the users are in the database that they would have been included in the dump.
Is there something extra I need to do to bring the users also?.

As you can guess I'm new to Sql /databases etc so please forgive if this is a real noob question.

Thanks in advance,