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Importing one_to_many relationship problems

Question asked by Jefferson Velasco on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by Jefferson Velasco
Hi guys and girls,

I am not a developer but have been working with Pentaho ETL tools for a while. We have created two custom modules from scratch, lets say Contracts and Renovations. There is a one_to_many relationship between the two in a table cont_contracts_cont_renovations where I have the following fields:


I use pentaho data integration to get a custom field imported on cont_contracts and look it up for the same value on a custom field imported on cont_renovations. As a result of this lookup I get both ids from the two main module tables. After that I pupulate cont_contracts_cont_renovations generating a fixed 'date_modified' value and a auto-increment key for 'id'.

It works and it does record the date on the table but sugar can ́t read the relationships. Is there another table I must update or create records at? I have spent up to 6 hours in this already and I am clueless.

Thank you in advance