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BIG ISSUE : Sugar 7 account_contracts relationship not found

Question asked by Gaelle Fernandez on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2015 by Shijin Krishna
Hello everybody,

I came accross a big issue in my SugarPro 7.5.1.

We did not see it, but it seems that my standard relationship between Accounts and Contracts modules is broken.

I still can see it in Studio > Accounts > relationships : account_contracts is a 1-M relationship. And it is unable to edit or delete it since it's a standard. And I still can see it through Studio > Contracts > relationships  too.

When i am in a Contract record, i'm able to see the Account related. And i'm able to click on it and see the Account record. (so the link in that way is well done)

BUT, when i'm in an Account record, in the Contracts subpanel, the link between the contract and the current account is not done. I can see the contract (name, date etc...) in the subpanel. But i can't click on its name and have a redirection on its record.

AND i've searched in my database, and i have no database named "account_contracts".

i've run several QRR and several "Repair relationships" and nothing did the job...

Please could you help me at least to fix it ? Like i don't know, just recreate a table named "account_contracts", rebuild and Bam get it fixed ?

Thanks a lot, it's a pain in my project !