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Problem installing "yaai"

Question asked by Rubén Navarro Davó on Jul 6, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 6, 2015 by dan mendell
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I have SugarCRM Community Edition, version 6.5.21, Build(1155), installed on Ubuntu 15.04.

I want to install the module "yaai", but I cannot. I just found on the web, links to this place (, and when I try to upload that module, SugarCRM returns me the next error:

ZIP Error(0): Status(9): Arhive(upload:// Directory(/var/www/html/sugar/cache/upgrades/temp/0BGIG9)

I think, "ZIP Error(0): Status(9)" means that the zip is wrong, where can I find a valid zip, of that module?
Else or what can I do or try?

Thank you