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"Resolve Conflict" message after adding a custom view to record.php

Question asked by spark2 on Jul 4, 2015
I'm using SugarCRM (Build 1006)
  , and I made a js file that extended RecordView and added it to the record.php layout file. The custom content displays and behaves correctly, but since adding the view, *every* time I update a record, SugarCRM will produce a "Resolve Conflict" drawer with a column "Modified By" that let's me choose "You" or "[My Name]" (they are the same person). I compared the 2 entries SugarCRM believes to be conflicting, but there are no differences between them.

I tried creating a very simple custom view that extends RecordView and added to a layout of another model, and it does the exact same thing.

Also, the custom RecordView doesn't even change the model.

My code is based on this tutorial:

Any help appreciated!