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How to modify a view created by the modulebuilder?

Question asked by moanrat moanrat on Jul 3, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2015 by Parteek Narang
The thing is that i need to format the diferent views created by the modulebuilder, the problem is that there is like no information on the net, and maybe from desperation my coworkes have decided to format the views at custom/modules/<modulename>/metadata/detailviewdefs.php
I mean we're ding somthing like this
  0 => 
          array (
            <table border="0" style="height:100px;width:35%;border:none;background-color:white;">
          <th colspan="4">Connectivity</th>
          <tr >
            <td rowspan="2" id="header_vpn" style="width:35%;border:none;background-color:darkSalmon;vertical-align:middle;padding-left:20px">
              <input id="vpn_c" class="checkbox" type="checkbox" checked="" disabled="true"/>
            <td style="vertical-align:middle;background-color:salmon;">
              <table style="background-color:salmon;padding-left:20px">
                    <td id="body1_vpn" style="background-color:salmon;"></td>
                    <td id="body2_vpn" style="background-color:salmon;"></td>
and then we move the fields with javascript inisthe the <tr>
Any way we can do it correctly ? Im tired of looking for tips.