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metadata request for a particular module using REST v10

Question asked by veera_pavan veera_pavan on Jul 2, 2015
To get information for a specific module I used module_filter request argument like this:


This will return only the elements in the "filters" element of the "Accounts" metadata response.
If I need to parse the JSON content to get the request parameters, I need to traverse through filters -->default--> meta
Is there any rest servise/filter we can use where we get only the request elements and response elements.
 For Example: For Accounts moduleCan we get the request or response JSON like below. which a client application can use as metadata for it to pass while invoking an operation on a module.
    "website" : "website",
    "sic_code" : "sic_code",
    "annual_revenue" : "annual_revenue",
    "address_country" : "address_country",
    "address_city" : "address_city",
    "address_state" : "address_state",
    "ticker_symbol" : "ticker_symbol",
    "address_postalcode" : "address_postalcode",
    "ownership" : "ownership",
    "name" : "name",
    "phone_office" : "phone_office",
    "rating" : "rating",
    "assigned_user_name" : "assigned_user_name",
    "industry" : "industry",
    "employees" : "employees",
    "account_type" : "account_type",
    "address_street" :"address_street"