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Creating module with AngularJS

Question asked by Scott Scott on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 10, 2015 by Scott Scott
We are looking at building a custom screen within Sugar that integrates Sugar with some other applications in our environment. Our plan is to not leverage the Sugar UI and instead build an Angular front end. However we want the screen to show up inside Sugar so I am looking for suggestions for best practices for doing this. Specifically, how should we handle integration - should this be a highly customized module or should it be a giant iframe or other? We want to leverage Sugar authentication to provide access but the UI is completely custom. We could leverage webservices within sugar but are there other best practices we should consider?

So a sugar user would see a menu item that brings up our screen. It would provide a single page application within Sugar that would show some SugarCRM data but also provide much more interaction with other systems as well. It's too large to consider for a dashlet or similar smaller widget.