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Do a field "read only" after a record field is chosen and then saved

Question asked by rsantos rsantos on Jun 26, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by Jeff Bickart
I need that once the opportunity changed to "Closed Win" or "Closed Lost", it is important that users can not change it. I do not want missed opportunities "resurrect" or you earn opportunities to return to the previous status. If a user chooses "Closed Win" or "Closed Lost" by mistake, he would ask me to fix and I step to you.
How to do this for on-demand without the need to develop?

Obs .: I got the idea:
> I created a check box field as the name of "locked";
> After I created a workflow to change the value of the check box for marked;
> After I became the field "Sales Stage" only visible if the locked field is cleared

The problem is that when the rule is executed the Sales Stage field is not visible in views and lists that I lose information. I found nothing to help me at that point.