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Workflow in Opportunities

Question asked by valentinap valentinap on Jun 25, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2015 by valentinap valentinap
I'm working with SugarCRM Professional v. processWorkflow job runs every minute successfully.
I'm trying to add a workflow to Opportunities triggered after time elapses, but after creating new records or editing existing 'workflow_schedules' remains empty and nothing happens.
I do following things:
  1. Go to Workflow management and open EditView;
  2. Select "After time elapses" (Time) type, "Active" status, apply that to all records (both new and existing), select "alerts_actions" and "Opportunities" as base module;
  3. Create new Trigger on 'When a field in the target module changes to or from a specified value' (compare_specific) for Date Closed field (date_closed_timestamp). Then I choose either "More Than" or "Less Than" 4 hours and save;
  4. Create new E-mail notification with standard message. Create record for Administrator as receiver of this notification;
  5. Create new action (changing description, for example).
  6. Go to Opportunities module, create new record with date closed 4 or 5 hours ago. I also tried to make it bigger than current time on 4 or 5 hours, the result was the same;
  7. Check 'workflow_schedules' table (it's empty), wait for about five minutes. Nothing happens.
I tried to do the same thing on Notes and that worked correctly: a new row in 'workflow_schedules' table appeared on record save. Test email in Settings is sent correctly. But Email notifications with "after time elapses" type for Opportunities are not created at all.