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Disable template cache for only 1 page

Question asked by Britain Britain on Jun 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Britain Britain
I'm using version 6.5.18 (Build 1110) professional, and running into an issue with with some custom logic and templates.  We have a team which can not have access to some options in a drop down on the accounts page.  Our plan was to check the logged in user, if it matches our list, then create a dropdown with restricted options.  The page is working as expected, but the DetailView.tpl file gets created with whatever user first reloads the page after I delete it.  

So, I delete the tpl file, login with the restricted account, go to the accounts page, and the correct restricted dropdown is there, which is correct.  But then when I go there in a regular account, the restricted dropdown is still there.  I delete the tpl file again, and go to the accounts page on a regular account, and all the options are there, which is correct again.  But I go there in a restricted account and all the options are there.  

Is there another way to accomplish this on the account level? or a way to disable the cache templates for this 1 page?