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Sugarcrm CE Regular User login issue on Linux CentOs

Question asked by Sohaib Majeed on Jun 22, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2015 by Inessa Small

We have installed SugarCRM  6.5.16 Community Edition on Linux Centos server. Linux server running  the instance perfectly if we login from System  Administrator User.  But when we try  to login as a Regular User, the Home  page just shows empty screen when login and in console an "NetworkError: 500 Internal Server Error –appears.


Here, if we modify the URL to access any other module, this module is accessible, and then  when we access Home page again from menu, Home page is also accessible now.  Means we are having issue to access home page on login.


Kindly suggest what could be the issue?


Is this any issue regarding Regular User session?






1: I run the same instance on Linux Red Hat, Windows, and  Windows server, the same instance work fine there.


2: I also removed home page dashlets for Regular Users, but issue remained.


3: I also enable mbstring  on server, but issue remained.


4: I also  checked server error logs and removed the errors i.e 


“failed to open stream: No such file or  directory” But issue  remained.


5: I also  checked SugarCRM logs but could find nothing  regarding this issue.


6: I also  removed instance cache and do Quick  Repair and Rebuild, but issue remained.