Hiding subpanel in custom module created with sudio relationship

Discussion created by jclark@enhanced.co.uk on Jun 18, 2015
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Hi all,

Really struggling with figuring out the whole UI customisation in Sugar 7.x with the available resources.
In your answer, if you could explain as much as possible, since I think I'm missing some core understanding to making any kind of configuration on the UI!

In this particular problem, I'm trying to hide / remove a subpanel on a custom module that was created through studio by doing a one-many relationship.  I wanted one to many, because I wanted the relate field on the opposing module, but not on the module where I now have the subpanel.

-- Where in the custom module is this subpanel defined??  I feel that finding out this answer would help me make the adjustment in the custom/ side of the architecture.  Am I right in saying that if you just copy the same directory location but in custom, it will override the file that's in non-custom?  I found resources that suggested making changes in Ext framework instead, but not sure when that is applicable...

To rule some things out, I've tried deleting this file (in /modules not /custom/modules):

and this file:

But deleting either made a difference.

(I did a R&R and cleared cache folder).

I've had a look at this post, but didn't quite understand how to implement: http://shanedowling.com/sugarcrm-7-hiding-specific-subpanels-based-relationships-related-type/

I found that on a useful list of resources that FrancescaS posted a while back: SugarCRM v7 learning resources - Share yours

I also watched the youtube videos for developers that was useful, but the examples weren't quite what I was after: http://university.sugarcrm.com/category/developer-users---self-paced

Thanks Loads in advanced!