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Remove relationships not removing files which is created by Module Builder

Question asked by Alkesh Miyani on Jun 17, 2015
I created one package "buildingmanagement" with module builder which have 2 modules - floor and office room.

I added some fields with office room module to select floor when I am adding or updating office room as office room available on which floor.

And I created module listview with module builder but I am getting error in popup whenever I am trying to hint floor items.

To resolve this issue I added relationship between "officeroom" and "floor" with officeroom module.

But my issue not resolved with error popup.

Now, I want to remove this relationship with module builder and that remove that data but files created by module builder not removing automatically as module builder functionality.

Please guide me as what stpes are missing here to establishment relationship between floor and officeroom.

I follow this link to create demo with SugurCRM -

Many Thanks