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Still sending email even if scheduler is set to inactive

Question asked by Diane Geonzon on Jun 17, 2015
We have and existing functionality that will send an email every Monday 7am to client.We set the scheduler in SugarCRM everyweek so that it will trigger the email.
This set up is being used for years now and it is working fine.

About last month, we updated the content of the email. We just added some new features on the email template.
After that, we were receiving 2 emails now. 1 is sending the old template, the other email has the new features on it.

We tried to set the scheduler to inactive and commented out the part of the code that will send the email.
We expect that there should be no emails sent on Monday. But the system is still sending email. This time only 1 email is sent using the old template.

We are wondering what could have caused this. 
We already cleared cache. 
Please advise.