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GROWTH: Mobile Options & Migrating Off Community?

Question asked by Jeff C on Jun 15, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 15, 2015 by Kristina Kurz
We are a startup and to keep costs to a minimum chose SugarCRM CE.  It is serving it's purpose although as a developer for over 25 years, I'm a bit dissapointed with the interface considering it is a 6.X iteration!

We chose SugarCRM in part due to the huge base of users and therefore developers/consultants. I'm anticipating though the business will grow and we are going to want a more robust interface with better functionality and performance and a mobile app is also desireable.

We've done a moderate amount of customization, include custom PHP hooks to some of the modules.  

We didn't even look at the SAAS solutions with monthly subscriptions as FREE was pretty much the budget at the time for the base platform we would build off of.

What I am wondering is how difficult is the road(map) going to probably be for us to scale and get a more robust product?

Is the interface and performance much better on the Pro/Enterprise SAAS solutions than the last Community Release?  

Are the mobile app clients (I assume only available for SAAS products) not really useable if you've done extensive customization?

If you've done both customization via Studio and hand-coded PHP hooks, is it impossible or a virtual nightmare to try to translate them from CE over to Pro/Enterprise?  Can you even create your own PHP hooks when using the SAAS solution?

Basically, I'm trying to manage my expectation as far as if we are essentially going to have to just continue to fork off this CE product indefinitely, or if we might start considering/planning to migrate to the Pro/Enterprise. I assume you can't do self-hosted Pro/Enterprise versions?