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Create drawer opened with quickcreate  does not show modifications made in create-actions.js

Question asked by spark2 on Jun 15, 2015
In SugarCRM, I made  a custom create-actions.js file that opens a create drawer when the  user clicks on the create button. This file is heavily moidfied so  that the drawer has different behaviour and also a preview pane with  data on the right hand side. It all works fine.   

However, I've also  created quickcreate link that opens up the same drawer as the  create-actions.js file is responsible for. Of course, none of the  modifications are visible when the quickcreate link is used. Is there  a way to make the quickcreate link delegate the opening of the create  drawer to create-actions.js? Otherwise a huge amount of code would  have to be duplicated, which is just wrong.