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Sort order in Email module changes after screen refresh in SugarCRM 6.5.20 CE

Question asked by Yasir Arsalan shaikh on Jun 12, 2015
Dear All,

I am facing issue in Emails module of SugarCRM 6.5.20 CE edition. When I sort my emails in particular order and then open any email from the list and reply to that email, the Emails list screen refreshes once the email has been successfully sent and the sort order which I had applied doesn't remain the same or you can say that the sort order is lost. Can anyone please tell me how I can resolve the issue? My idea was to stop the screen refresh after email reply has been sent. But I don't know where to change the  source code or which file to edit. Can any one please tell me which file I need to look into? Also, can you guys please suggest a better solution, because if I stop the refresh then the changes will not be reflected on the screen (that the email has been responded). Can we keep the sort order in session? If any of you can share the source code , that will be helpful.