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Mark as Unread in Email module is not working in SugarCRM 6.5.20

Question asked by Yasir Arsalan shaikh on Jun 12, 2015
Dear All,

I have deployed SugarCrm Community edition 6.5.20 . I am using its email module to send and receive emails. For any email which i have already read, if i try to mark it as unread it does not do anything and the email remains the same (as read). Mark as unready option appears when you right click on any email and move your mouse pointer to Mark it will open another sub menu and will give four options, i.e. Unread, Read, Flagged and Unflagged. All the last three options work fine but I click on Unread, the system doesn't do any thing. Can anyone please let me know how we can fix this issue. Has anyone gone through this before, if  yes so what was the remedy. Please help.