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Logic hook for teams module

Question asked by sonesay inthavong on Jun 11, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 14, 2015 by sonesay inthavong
Hi all

Will logic hooks work for teams module? I've been trying to add the custom logic_hooks.php file in custom/modules/Teams folder but no luck. This folder didnt exists before. I've also tried to add the file in modules/Teams also but still no luck even after doing a repair and rebuild.

I've been struggleing to get correct teams list from the Leads and contacts module using logic hooks there. Is there restriction to this data because its from another module? also retrieving the teams list by

$teamSetBean = new TeamSet();
        $teams = $teamSetBean->getTeams($bean->team_set_id);

does not give me the correct teams. it only shows the previous teams state even in the after_save hook.