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Teams not updating correctly

Question asked by sonesay inthavong on Jun 10, 2015
Hi All

I have a Contact with Team A and Team B assigned. I am having an issue  when I remove one team it will not remove it. I can add in other teams and later remove it but as soon as I get the same combination of team A and team B selected for saving I can never remove team B and just have team A set.

Team A is  a newly created team. Team B is the Admin team.

Could this be due to a bug? I've tested on another instance and it behaves as expected. I know the team sets can get corrupted at some point but there no easy to fix it. I've had to resolve

 19915 Tue May 26 09:20:06 2015 [30880][1][FATAL] Error inserting into table: team_sets: Query Failed: INSERT INTO team_set       s (id,name,team_md5,team_count,date_modified,deleted,created_by)
 19916                     VALUES ('9bd6d8c8-7bd5-00a9-9f77-546eb2506feb','ad88e3aa583d05a0cf32226b9fbb48a3','ad88e3aa583d0       5a0cf32226b9fbb48a3',1,'2015-05-25 21:20:06',0,'1'): MySQL error 1062: Duplicate entry '9bd6d8c8-7bd5-00a9-9f77-546e       b2506feb' for key 'PRIMARY'

This is the error I had to resolve manually and remove the record before it can proceed. Team sets are just incorrectly selected when I save the record.