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Schedule and automate email campaigns

Question asked by Antoine BARET on Jun 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2015 by Jeff Bickart
I'm planning to use Sugar to manage recurring mass email campaigns.
Assuming that Sugar is not able to run mass email campaigns (50 thousand emails a day) and that it does not handle recurring campaigns, i'll have to :
- develop a functionnality to export my email template and my targets to a directory that will be scanned by a mass email sender (mailchimp like).
- develop a functionnality to make it possible to schedule campaigns inside Sugar, a bit like it is possible to schedule reports, for each email campaign it will be possible to schedule (a kind of cron, like for instance every Monday) the following actions : 
* automated refreshment of target lists based on reports
* export of the email templates and targets to a specified directory

Has anyone already implemented those kinds of functionnalities ?