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Alert Email Template Problem

Question asked by GregM GregM on Jun 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2015 by Alex Nassi
First off, in our instance I renamed the Leads module to Prospects, and the Targets module to Leads.  This works better for our sales process and conversion. When I create an alert Email template to generate a new lead this is what I set up:

Please follow up on the lead below ASAP!

Name: {::future::Prospects::full_name::} 

Email Address: {::future::Prospects::email1::} 

Phone: {::future::Prospects::phone_work::}

Notes: {::future::Prospects::description::} 

Link to Record: {::href_link::Prospects::href_link::} 

I assume it references Prospects as that is the old module name?

Here is the email result:

Please follow up on the lead below ASAP! 

Name: Test One 

Email Address:  

Phone: 651-206-2086

Notes: Testing Purposes Only. 

Link to Record: Click Here 

The Email address WILL NOT COME OVER.  I have gone round and round with our partner and have had no luck whatsoever in resolving this issue. ( Version 7.5.2 Professional)