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Schedulers stopped running

Question asked by Asaf Army on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2015 by kristianmikael
I know Sugarcrm for a long time but i never seen something like this.
all schedulers in my sugarcrm stopped working although they are active.
i checked everything:

1. the string in the cron is valid.
2. the cron is calling the string every minute ( tail   –f    /var/log/cron)
3. i restarted the schedulers - put it in "not active" then "active"
4. "Quick repair and rebuild"
5. "Rebuild Schedulers"
6. put $GLOBALS['log']->fatal(...) comments in modules/Schedulers/_AddJobHere.php file but no log is called.
7. run "repair table job_queue;" in the database
8. make sure the schedulers i'm testing are called every minute.
9. no errors in the Apache logs
10. restarted the apache.

Did i forget something?
maybe there is something stuck between the cron call and the _AddJobHere.php call?

would really need any help i can get.....
using CE 6.5.13 version