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How to export contacts with accounts field non populated?

Question asked by Cédric Raoul on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2015 by Cédric Raoul
Hi everyone,

We were browsing our database and we found some weird records in the contacts module. Some contacts were not just duplicated but SugarCRM sometimes created 6 or more of the same contact but blank.

When I imported the contacts on the 29th of April, I didn't get any error message and when I checked the records that were created, nothing weird showed up. However, and for some contacts only, Sugar created versions of a same contact even if that data doesn't even exist in my CSV files. 

Here's what happened: Contact Adam A was created successfully, with all the relevant information (accounts, phone number, email etc). In the meantime, Sugar created 5 additional iterations of Adam A but without any information in it. The creation of the 5 iterations happened on the same day at the exact same time.

I'd like to export all the contacts that have a non populated account in order to export all these faulty blank contacts and scrap them out. 

But, in the reports, I can't use the following filter: "Contacts > Accounts > name = empty". It returns no results. 

However, using the following filter works fine: "Contacts > Accounts > name = not empty". 

I should either be able to export ALL the contacts (even the faulty ones) or just the ones I need. For some strange reasons, I can only export the contacts that have a populated account name.

I'm using Sugar (version and so far I'm stuck. Maybe someone around here already came accross that issue and found a solution but so far, I didn't find any in the forums.