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Where to find default texts for system generated emails

Question asked by René "Tiri" Dippe on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2015 by René "Tiri" Dippe
Hi folks,

my boss provided a new task for my SugarCRM 6.5.20 (Build 1001) CEproject. It's a while ago now I'd created a customlogic.php for Opportunity and Task for the following cases:
  1. An Opportunity gets assigned to an Account- or to one or several Profession-Team(s)
    • in this case an email notification is generated (by the opportunity's customlogic.php) and is sent to all members of all affected teams
    • in addition a new task is created for that opportunity
  2. The assigned team denies the Opportunity-Task
    • in this case an email notification is generated (by the task's customlogic.php) and is sent to the Client Manager (the assigned_to user) of the opportunity
So far so good, but there is another mail created (seems to be by default) when the Client Manager (assigned_to) field of the opportunity gets changed. And our customer wants that mail to have exactly the same content as the emails described above.

So here comes my challenge:

I've searched up and down through Sugar files, Google, StackOverflow and the already answered questions here but without getting the answer I was looking for: Thanam o'n dhoul (sorry for cursing), where have I to look for the default system generated email texts to reach my aim to adjust it in the way our customer wishs?

I really hope somebody can help me as this task is quite frustrating.

PS: Please don't hesitate to answer in German or English, just as you prefer ;)