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Can I prioritize inbound mail queues?

Question asked by Francesca Shiekh on Jun 1, 2015
We have 19 distinct mail queues. 17 of which create cases for various departments. 
The other two are addresses we use to Bcc/Forward to in order to log emails received on personal company addresses on the respective Contacts/Leads (I have a custom Scheduler that processes those emails and relates them to the Contacts/Leads with the appropriate email addresses).

We need distinct Cases email queues because they are handled by distinct teams, the mail queue team determines which departments get what (e.g. Customer Service vs Technical Support etc).

We repeatedly have issues with Check Inbound Emails failing, for no apparent reason (no clues in the logs, the job_queue table, or the php logs. The failure seems to be more frequent when we have large volumes of inbound email (40+ in a single queue).

The job runs for 2 to 4mins, or sometimes an hour (I've found no connection other than 1hr is what I set for max job run), then fails.

When the job runs again it seems to start from the same mailbox each time and process mailboxes in the same order each time (by ID on the inbound_emails table), which means it may take many hours for the first mailbox with 40+ emails to be processed and the others are never even looked at until that fist box is empty.

The order appears to be by ID.

This is far from ideal because the first mbox is not one of our high-priority queues.

Is there an upgrade safe way to change the order in which the mailboxes are processed?

I would settle for a non-upgrade safe way at this point, I am having to monitor mailboxes and inactivate them regularly to let others be processed... it's not a time-effective solution.