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old ce-teams module

Question asked by noromamai noromamai on Jun 1, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2017 by Sergey Budyak

I am a new user to SugarCRM (6.5.20 CE) but am fairly satisfied. I need to implement Teams so only a specific team can see the contacts and leads associated with them (and prevent other teams from stealing leads/contacts). I found the Security Suite module but can not afford it at the moment, nor can we pay with paypal of CC. From what i have seen here it seems CE-Teams is not the same as Security Suite and Security Suite includes CE Teams in it. Is the CE-Teams module still available somewhere? I only found 1 link but that didn't work anymore becuse sugarforge has migrated to github.
If someone still has the module zip file could you share it (it is a free module right?) with me?

Right now i am thinking of copying the contacts and leads module for each team (luckily only 4) and edit them so they only show their own contacts/leads and use role managemen to make them viewable/not-viewable for the different users in the teams.

any help would be appreciated.