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How can I change a multiselect box to have checkboxes in it, instead of pressing ctrl for a multi select? SugarCRM 6.5

Question asked by Amy Cox on May 28, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 28, 2016 by Luke Ward
I have a request to add checkboxes for about 15 questions that might change in the future.  I don't like to idea of adding 15 columns to the Lead and Contact Module for questions that may change later.
I would like them to use a multi-select field instead, but they don't like idea because if someone selects a field without holding the ctrl key down the others would be unselected.
I thought about creating a new module and letting them select from them, but then they would not be able to use those questions on the web-to-lead form.

My ideas for getting around this are:
What I would like to do is create a multi-select field that has checkboxes in it instead of pressing ctrl.
Or is there a way to make a checkbox that does not update the database directly, but insteads adds or removes a selection from a drop down box in the background.

How would I do this?