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Forgot Password Email Template Variables Not Working

Question asked by MirandaB MirandaB on May 24, 2015
Latest reply on May 24, 2015 by MirandaB MirandaB
I'm using Sugar Professional

I'm making the email template for the "forgot password" feature. The template is as follows:

         Hello $contact_user_first_name,

         Click on the following link to reset your password: $contact_user_link_guid

But the $contact_user_first_name variable is not populating when the email is sent (e.g. the variable is not replaced by the user's first name like it should be). The $contact_user_link_guid variable is working fine. In addition, if I use $contact_user_user_name, it populates just fine with the correct username. But I want to use the first name rather than the username. 

Any ideas on how to get the first name variable to work with the forgot password email template?