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How to get the values of fields not in the Product Catalog Listview returned

Question asked by Arthur Chocholacek on May 22, 2015
Working on a custom quote engine for a customer, and we have it working pretty much how we'd like, including getting a bunch of data from every field in the product catalog module (which is then populated into the 'associated_javascript_data' variable, which then gets called by popup_helper.js, so when you click on an item in the popup, everything feeds back to your main quote page to fill in your blanks (and hidden fields with the extra data).

This was accomplished by passing data (including a field_to_name_array) in the call to the open_popup function.

However, if you use the search function inside the popup, and the popup reloads with the result set, when you pick one of the results, only the data shown in the list view is pushed back to the "associated_javascript_data" variable, and therefore, all the hidden fields do not get populated with the extra data.

Can anyone guide me in the right direction for how to tackle this?  We'd rather not have 15 extra columns on our popup page!