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meeting delete relationship logic hook missing when Contacts invitees deleted

Question asked by Asaf Army on May 24, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by Hans Hofmeister
i sync sugarcrm with another system.
i create a meeting and add two leads and two contacts and save.
Then i edit it, and in the meeting editview, i delete the two contacts related to the meeting.

in that case only the before_save and after_save logic hooks of meeting is called and if i log the related records to the meeting (using get_linked_beans()), in sugarcrm.log, i can see that the contacts are still related to the meeting although the end result is that in the meeting detailview, the meeting after the save, is indeed without the two contact.
concerning the logic_hook events , there are no "before_relationship_delete". so there is no way for me to sync the other system when i delete contacts in meeting editview.
There is only "before_save" and "after_save" logic hook events, no meeting "before_relationship_delete", no "after_relationship_delete" and no "before_relationship_delete" in the contact module.
although when deleting contacts from the meeting Detailview subpanel using "Remove" button it works.
also , the above scenario works for leads!. when i delete leads in the meeting editview and save, they are indeed not related to the meeting in the meeting "before_save" and "after_save".

in short , there is no way to integrate Sugarcrm with other systems concerning removing contact invitees, in the meeting editview.

using sugarcrm CE 6.5.13