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Memory leak issue, possibly because PHP APC add on.

Question asked by on May 21, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2015 by Mark Willert
I noticed that when I enabled APC it spawn so many apache process and it can consume memory really quickly. Our client server crashed twice because it ran out of memory.

Linux CentOS 7
Apache 2.2
php 5.4.16 with APC
enabled JSMIN.
CPU : 4 cores
RAM : 12 GB

When I disabled the APC add on I didn't have that many apache processes being spawned and the RAM is hardly go beyond 3GB. I was doing a mass update that update the Account record and ALL of its related records, this is a massive operations but it didn't go beyond 3GB in terms of memory use when I have the APC disabled.

When I turned it on it was easily jumped from 2 GB to 6 GB.
is there a known issues with APC add on that you guys are aware off?