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Linking a rate card to the product catalogue

Question asked by jspooner jspooner on May 20, 2015
Hi, does anyone have experience of building a rate card/pricing controls into Sugar, which will link with the product catalogue? We're using Sugar7 Professional.

We want to build in our rate card which has different product ranges.   Each product has  its own price and is banded according to the number of products bought.   These bands have a discount associated with them when additional   products  are purchased.    

Users need the ability to link the  appropriate product to the correct rate card. The system will then  automatically apply the correct price within the quote according to the product  selected and the volume applied.

– a customer buys 50 credits to be used over 3 months and will  be charged £xx per credit. This will also entitle them to an additional  (separate) discount of xx% from another product.    

Any help or ideas much appreciated.