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Hosted CRM having 504 Gateway Time-out nginx/1.7.9 problem, don't know if developer needed

Question asked by jang430 on May 19, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by Jinson Varghese

This is the advice given to me by siteground,  since I have setup my crm there.  




I checked and it seems that indeed  one of your scripts has reached the time out limit of the web server. I did not  managed to recreate the issue on my end but here is the error in the server's  log:




Code:[Tue May 19 04:39:49 2015] [error] [client] Script timed out before returning headers: index.php, referer:


[Tue May 19 04:40:19 2015] [warn] [client] Timeout waiting for output from CGI script  /home/nextinno/public_html/, referer:




Then, this was the thing they did:




Since I noticed that the script is timing out  from the error log, I went ahead and increased the dynamic timeout to the  maximum possible, so now the script should load. 




If the issue persists then it will be best to  contact a professional developer that should be able to debug and check what is  causing the timeouts.




As an alternative you could upgrade to one of  our Cloud plans where those time-out limits can be modified, however that  doesn't mean it will solve the issue as the script may still be not-responding  so it will be best to consult with a professional developer first.




My reply was:




I still experience the same problem. I see this  happening when re-assigning multiple contact to a particular person, or,  according to my staff, when we send out emails via sugarcrm. I've seen this  behavior both in my office, or at when working at home. 




We migrated our data from on premise onto your  site (hosted). Could it be because of a botched migration? Or is it mainly a  connectivity issue?  




Unfortunately, I cannot afford to have a  professional web developer to look into it for now.  




Is there any other suggestion regarding testing  to help me check whether this is more of a link issue, or a stability issue of  the product? While on premise, we don't experience anything like this.




Hope someone can help